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(Winter Season)

Please note that the short Fall season uses modified rules regarding payment, shirts, and Special Buddies.

This information is taken from the 3-page handout given to each family on Jan. 7, 2001, and was updated November 28, 2001 and December 15, 2002.

* NEW! for Winter 2003*


There is a $25 Registration Fee, payable on or before January 5. If necessary, bowlers may use the "Easy Pay Plan", paying $15 on or before January 5. The balance of $10. would be due on or before February 9. Please make checks payable to Rick Held.

1. Bowling begins at 3:30 p.m. sharp! Arrive at the alley at 3:15 p.m. so we can start on time. If you arrive late, you may have to wait until the second game to bowl. Please be considerate of others and arrive on time.

2. Bowling will generally be finished between 4:30 p.m. and 5:00 p.m., depending on how many games your child bowls.

3. Stay at the bowling center while your child is bowling. If this is not possible, make arrangements with another parent to be responsible for your child while you are gone. The bowling alley, Special Buddies, or the League Organizer cannot be responsible for problems that occur during your absence.

4. Individual scores are kept. However, there is NOT team scoring, winning, or losing. Everyone participating is considered a "winner".
4b) Added Feb. 5, 2003:
For your scores to appear on the website YOU MUST REPORT SCORES TO RICK HELD.

NEW!: Weekly fees for each bowler are: one game:$2.00, two games:$4.00, three games: $6.00. This price INCLUDES shoe rental. Whenever possible, determine ahead of time how many games your child will bowl. Fees are collected weekly, prior to the start of bowling. Please do not bowl any extra frames, as we are charged 20 cents for each extra frame bowled.

NEW!: The $25.00 Registration Fee will be used to purchase trophies, Special Buddy Awards, league shirts, and food for our Awards Day. A BOWLER WILL RECEIVE A REFUND OF THIS FEE IF HE/SHE DROPS OUT ON OR BEFORE FEBRUARY 17. ANY BOWLER DROPPING OUT AFTER THIS DATE WILL NOT RECEIVE A REFUND.

7. Additionally, a bowler must attend a minimum of 8 (eight) out of the 12 (twelve) weeks in order to receive a bowling shirt and trophy. Naturally, exceptions are made for illness and family circumstances. Any questions, see Rick Held.

8. If your child will be unable to bowl a particular week, please let the League Organizer know in advance when possible, especially if your child is normally assigned a Buddy.

9. If your child is assigned a Special Buddy, take a few minutes to talk with him/her to explain your child's needs. Keep in mind we have many new Buddies, so this is especially important. If you have any problems with your child's Buddy and cannot resolve them, notify the League Organizer immediately.

10. Please allow a Special Buddy the opportunity to assist your child. Not only will it give you a chance to relax, it will also be a valuable learning experience and socialization time for the Buddy and child.

11. Special Buddies are usually rotated from week-to-week. Your child may or may not have the same Special Buddy every week. If you would like your child to have the same Special Buddy every week, let the League Organizer know.

12. In case of inclement weather:

check this site for up-to-date cancellation information or
call the League Organizer, Rick Held at (203) 272-0809 or
call Brunswick Super Bowl Lanes at (860) 628-4553.
Due to the large number of bowlers this year, we will not be able to call each family. If in doubt, call the bowling alley or Rick Held.

13. QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, SUGGESTIONS, OR COMPLAINTS? Talk with Rick Held, the League Organizer.